Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders)

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Anyone who has carried a hose onto a slippery tank truck or tank car, or wrestled with an inflexible hose during cold weather or experienced the aftermath of a burst hose, can appreciate the benefits of a counter- balanced flexible piping system (Loading Arm).

Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders) Material of Construction
- Stainless Steel
- Carbon Steel
- Aluminum

Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders) Style
- Fixed Reach
- Pantograph ( Scissor Arm )
- Slide Sleeve
- A-Frame
- Bottom Loader
- Vapor Recovery Loaders
- Counterweighted Hose Loader
- Wash Arms
- Other

Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders) Seal Material
- Buna
- Viton
- Teflon
- E-P
- Chemraz
- Other

Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders) Size
- 2", 3", 4", 6", 8"

Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders) Torsion Spring Swivel
- Right
- Left

Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders) Inboard Flange
- Faces Up
- Faces Down

Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders) Bottom Transfer
- Step Up at T/S Joint
- Step Down at T/S Joint

Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders) Options
- Hose instead of Drop Pipe
- Vapor Recovery Plug
- Cleaning Head
- Clearance Problem

Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders) Boom Style
- Supported
- Unsupported

Loading Arms (Liquid Loaders) Boom Outboard Flange
- Faces Up
- Faces Down

In its natural state, a piping system is not flexible; to make it flexible, swivel joints are put between lengths of straight pipe creating flexibility in the system. The flexibility of the loading arm increases as the number of planes of rotation (swivel joints) are added to the system. To allow for supported vertical movement, a torsion spring or counter weight is utilized. To give or add additional flexibility in reach to these loading arms, both supported booms and unsupported booms can be added to the basic styles.

Through a combination of swivel joints and lengths of pipe, you can create a loading arm for your unique applications. The following drawings will assist you in designing your own Loading Arm.


Swivel Joint style 20-F is used on inboard end of booms to give 360 degrees of movement potential.

The maximum reach on an unsupported boom is six feet. Both arms and booms are load sensitive, which can limit choices and dimensions.

Supported Booms

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